Hagen Catit Senses Catnip Roll-On


  • Comes in a 50ml size
  • Provides your cat with maximum fun and excitement
  • Roll on toys, scratching posts and other play areas to attract and entice your cat
  • For all cats

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Hagen Catit Senses Catnip Roll-On

Would you like to stimulate your cat to play more intensely or keep your feline away from your furniture?
Then catnip is the way to go!

Catnip is a natural herb that attracts and stimulates cats. Due to a compound called nepetalactone found in the leaves, stems and seeds of the plant, catnip appeals to the natural instincts of your indoor cat. About 65% of cats respond to catnip while the degree of sensitivity varies between individuals.
If your cat likes catnip, they will start showing it when they are a couple of months old. Our Catit Senses 2.0 Catnip products are all-natural and are made with the finest Canadian catnip. In total, we offer 3 different types of catnip applicators.

Catnip roll-on allows you to apply concentrated streaks of the appealing catnip scent loved by cats. Apply every so often on cat toys, scratching posts and even fabric to stimulate your cat.

IMPORTANT: Always supervise your cat when using catnip. Adjust the amount of catnip used to the sensitivity of your cat. Excessive use of catnip can lead to aggressive behavior or your cat getting itself hurt. Never apply catnip onto your cat or any other animal.

For more information, visit the manufacturer’s website to learn more about Hagen Catit Senses Catnip Roll-On. Hagen Catit Senses Catnip Roll-On is available for sale in Singapore at Nekojam, Singapore’s favourite online pet shop.